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DRI specializes as a North America Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling Center. We Are A Full Service Buyer. All cars and trucks: Diesel, European, American and more all have a cat, or catalytic converter. The converter takes the discharged fumes from the engine and purifies them before reaching the exhaust muffler and therefore, the environment.
When the converter becomes clogged or damaged, it is no longer useful. The used catalytic metals can then be refined. These metals, such as platinum, are inside the converter. They cannot be easily extracted without professional equipment and handling. Then the powders have to be processed before the catalytic metals can be reused.
Where do you fit in? You can sell the scrap converters. By using a reputable Recycling Center, you make best market price and leave all the intense work to the professionals. Therefore, the more you collect of scrap catalytic converters, the more money you make. We have clients that bring them by the truck load. We also have our own drivers that cover the United States to pick up your converters.
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Contact us about selling your scrap catalytic converters. Each catalytic converter can be sold. Market prices are constantly changing. We will give you the best the current market prices.

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